Donald Trump, King Cyrus And Number 7

Coins bearing the images of Donald Trump and King Cyrus are laid out at a private minting facility in Tel Aviv. Benjamin Netanyahu compares Trump to the Persian King who lived 2,500 years ago. The bible tells us God called this King by name over 100 years before he was born. The King was not a believer, but God called him his anointed in Isaiah 45 and used him to deliver the Israelite’s from the Babylonians after 70 years of captivity! The King is quoted as saying “The Lord, the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and he has appointed me to build a temple for him at Jerusalem in Judah. Any of his people among you may go up and may the Lord their God be with them.”

It may be worth noting, the meaning of the name Donald is; “ruler of the world” and in connection with Isaiah 45, he is the 45th President. There is another remarkable parallel, a “Council” was hired (Ezra 4:4-5) to frustrate the purpose of King Cyrus, it continued until the time of Darius king of Persia. The name “Darius” in Hebrew means “Lord”.

President Trump ordered the US Embassy to be moved to Jerusalem, and celebrated it’s opening 70 years to the day of Israel being recognized as a nation. The number “7” in the Bible means completeness and it is amazing how this number is associated with Donald J Trump…
He took office at the age of 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old; he won the election by 77 electoral votes after there were 7 defectors; he took office in the 7th year of this decade; he became President in the Hebrew year 5777; his first press conference was 77 minutes long; he requested a picture of the 7th president to be hung in his office; President Trump is the 7th President from New York; America witnessed a total Eclipse in Trump’s 7th month as president, another total Eclipse is scheduled in the 7th year afterward (2024) when he is 77 years old; He was named Person of the year by Time magazine on December 7, 2016; he married the first time on April 7, 1977; his mother passed away on August 7th; his first child (Don Jr.) was born in 1977; Trump tower address begins with 7; (725); he banned 7 countries 7 days after taking office; he authorized a military strike against Syria on his 77th day in office; the world was fixated on his meeting with Vladimir Putin on 7/7/17; and again at the Helsinki summit during his 77th week in office. Trump is 700 days older than Israel when they were recognized as a nation, which means when Israel was 77 days old Trump was 777 days old; Benjamin Netanyahu was serving his 7th year and 7th month as prime minister of Israel when Trump won; Trump imposed sanctions on Iran effective August 7th; Trump is the first president to enter office with 7 billion people on the planet; Trump is listed in the 700’s in Forbes list of billionaires.
As a matter of reference, the first time the word “trump” is used in the Bible is the 7th book of the New Testament.

There are many times God has used physical types in the scripture to help us relate to Spiritual things.

I am inclined to believe God is showing us something in the physical realm to prepare us for a Spiritual battle. The forces that have come against President trump are like nothing we have ever seen before, yet he is still moving forward by the hand of God.

We must remember this day and how it will relate to the forces of evil the church is about to encounter. This world is temporary, it is going to burn either way, but in the mean time God is showing us his hand of mercy.


  1. Wow. Check this President against all of the Proverbs. Proverbs 29 for example. Also, check his words, actions and attitudes against the Sermon on the Mount. His values: $, power and revenge. Down is up in the upside down world of the American church gone political for power – my ways, rights and tribe. This is not the kingdom of God – the life we’ve been called to in Christ. But, on this we agree: God is having His way and using Donald Trump for His purposes…for indictment, division, and judgment, I fear.


  2. Thank you Very much, I am 62 years old, I believe in Jesus, and God THE Father.I Am a 15 years US NAVY VET,My heart is full of Sadness for America, and Those who died under President Barack Obama, and Let’s not forget the 100,000 AMERICANS EXPOSED To The RADIATION in 2011 ,I Pray every day for America and The President. I Am Relieved .You Gave Me The Answers To MY Prayers. Pray With Me,And Others TO STOP THE HATE, Reunite with God


  3. No one seam to see too that presidents name has a significant biblical signal of the Lords coming…TRUMP for
    Coincident? I dont think so, I dont believe in coincidents.


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